Zootopia – Official Trailer #2

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Happy New Year! Zootopia is here! (such a lame rhyme, I know) And with a brand new trailer that shows us that Disney can still do funny animation films when they are not busy milking money from all of the Star Wars movie fans. Zootopia is hitting the theatres in about a month and it’s pretty obvious by now that this year has a good start when it comes to movies and TV Shows, the games have to catch up.



What does the new trailer tell us? That we are going to laugh, a lot. I really like this type of animation that is very stupid but in the end is has a really deep lesson that only adults get because the kids are too busy laughing at stupid things like animal butts or the sounds that they make. I am going to laugh at animal butts, but I will also see the deep meaning behind this movie, which the trailer already shows when you hear the protagonist bunny, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) say: “No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you”. Yep, after this movie not only animals will want to change, but all of us.



For new year’s we’ve got the second trailer, what are we getting for Valentine’s? The movie, of course! So watch the funny trailer right here and hope that this movie will be as good as it seems to be, I really miss seeing a good animation.



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