Zootopia – Official Sloth Trailer

Zootopia Wallpaper

From the creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6, one of the funniest animated movies is coming! Zootopia is a movie that shows how a world that is being inhabited by animals instead of humans would look like. I mean think for a minute, what animal would be a replacement for you? If you are a programmer maybe a smart dolphin or if you are an athlete maybe a puma. And the trailer that I’m about to show you illustrates what animal is suited to work at a DMV, any guesses? Well it has to be slow and very boring. In chase you haven’t read the title, then the obvious answer is a sloth.



The animation tells the story of the modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia where officer Judy Hopps has 48 hours to solve a case, what’s strange though is that she is just a little rabbit and nobody thinks that she’s up for the job. Besides that she also has to work with fox that is a con artist. Do you think that she can do it? Well she seems very ambitious and the Nick Wilde, the fox, may be useful. If you want to have a look at how interesting this plot is, check out this trailer:



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