X-Men: Apocalypse – Super Bowl TV Commercial

X-men APocalypse Super Bowl

Oh, Super Bowl. That time of the year when Americans play football, but the real stars are the commercials and the halftime performers, it makes perfect sense just thinking about it! Personally, I’m here just for the commercials, the good ones though and to new teasers for my favourite upcoming movies. And I got exactly what I wanted, new footage from X-Men: Apocalypse.



Brian Singer is doing an awesome job with the franchise and I really like the new approach that he has on one of my favourite Marvel superheroes of all time. Let’s meet Psylocke, Deadpool’s crush and that one hot mutant that it’s going to be your crush too! She is played by Olivia Munn, and she looks like in the comics, bonus points for that too! And I love how Apocalypse looks and Oscar Isaac is a perfect choice, he was great in Star Wars and I’m sure that he will do an amazing job again. Let’s watch the awesome commercial:



So what do you think? Is this movie going to be on your “must watch” list? Or just another movie that you will download and watch later because it’s not worth your money? Let me know in the comments and for more awesome stuff regarding the coolest movies, games and TV shows, keep it up on GameSack!


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