Why CGI Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)

CGI Guardians of the Galaxy

CGI or Computer Generated Image plays a big role or maybe the biggest role when it comes to good quality movies, mixing it with a great script you get an Oscar baby. For real now, we’ve got so used to CGI that we barely see it, when it’s good, but when it suck, oh boy, how obvious can it be? Nowadays all movies use CGI and that’s a great thing, if they use it wisely and they actually care about the stuff that they are putting on screen, but there are times when it sucks and most of us don’t even bother to notice or hate it because of the great storytelling and the way that the movie is directed. Here is an example of bad CGI in a good movie, check out 00:07



Back in the day, when there were no special effects, movie directors used practical elements (explosions, crashes, etc) in order to create what they envisioned and some of those elements are used today so that movies look more realistic, a couple of examples are in the Dark Knight movie or Star Wars. Check out this clip which shows a good use of CGI effects.



I know, it’s incredible how technology has evolved giving us the opportunity to create basically everything. And this is one reason why directors use so much CGI so that they get the perfect movie. Here is a video that shows why CGI does not suck:



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