Uncharted 4 – New Trailer from PSX

Uncharted 4 Wallpaper

Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End, is one game that I’m really looking forward to play next year because I’m a big fan of the Uncharted series and I loved every game so far. I even bought a PS4 just to be able to play this game when it will be released (March 18, 2016) and Naughty Dog really knows how to make me impatient by delivering great gameplays and all sorts of demo teasers that have one goal, to make you want this game insanely bad! And they did it again! Damn it Naughty Dog, stop making video games look so good! Kidding, this is exactly what I want, a good looking game with an amazing story. And everybody loves Nathan Drake, the best treasure hunter of them all, which in my opinion is like Lara Croft, the only difference is that he is a male!

PlayStation Experience 2015 gave us not only a new trailer for the game, but something that seems to be Nathan Drake’s greatest adventure so far, because we see him reuniting with his “allegedly” dead brother that comes out of nowhere and suddenly they start catching up on each others lives, and right here we have a test, a simple question from where the producers can see what was your favourite game so far, but you’ll see later what I’m talking about. And I don’t know if I have seen a lot of movies and played too many games by know to kind of guess that Nathan’s brother, Sam, is going to betray him in the end, I don’t know, it’s just a hunch. But enough talking, let’s see the thing already, and you can check out the awesome cinematic trailer right here:

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