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Let’s have a look over the best games that have been released this month and make an idea if they are worth playing or not. Here is a list of the games that I think are the best that were released this month and which I want to play or I have played already.


    Mad Max

A really good game that tells the story of a man in a world that has lost the sense of humanity and you will see his struggle to remain sane, I think that the cars and fights keep him that way and you will definitely love playing as one of the most badass characters.


Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

This game was released on the same day as Mad Max and it was kind of a tough decision to choose between them (I played both) and let me tell you this, it’s the best MGS game so far and you definitely need to get it today and play it, even if you haven’t played any game in the series this game is still a must.


Forza Motorsport 6

With more than 460 cars for you to drive, improved graphics and mechanics Forza Motorsport 6 manages to be one of the best driving games of the year (yet), we have to wait and see if Need for Speed 2015 can beat it. But it’s going to be hard, I mean this game has James May and Richard Hammond as hosts.



Good news for all the football fans, the new FIFA game is here and it looks like it has been improved with more stadiums to play on, training has been moved to Career mode and you can also play with female teams. Yes, you’ve read that right, there are female players now. So don’t miss out on this game.



This game is being developed since 2010 and it said to be one of the most terrifying games that you have ever played with tons of jumpscares and with a good story of a man that is trapped in a laboratory under the ocean. He sees a lot of robots and some of them have consciousness. This game is definitely a must play for those who like horror games.





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