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After ten years a new Thief game was released and all I can say is that there are visible improvements in all segments since Deadly Shadows. This game is finally what we’ve been expecting since the first games and it manages to bring the story to a point where you can say that Garrett finally finds some closure. It’s a great reboot that definitely knows it’s roots and gives back to the fans a proper game that suits our modern day gameplay style.




The game’s events take place a couple of years after the events in the previous game when Garrett returns to his hometown known as “The City” and he finds out that it’s ruled by a harsh ruler called the Baron. Also the city is under a plague that has affected the citizens, a city whre the rich live a good life while the poor are struggling from day to day and you are here to change all of this situation.



The great city is inspired by Victorian, steampunk and Gothic aesthetics which give a great feeling to the game and create a darker universe. Okay, same universe, new look and a new story. But does all of this make for a good game? Well….. yes! I mean gameplay wise you can’t compare it with the previous ones or other 2014 stealth games, but the story kinda stinks.



The game gives you multiple choices and you have a ton of ways to complete a task. You can kill all of the guards or you can go silently without taking anybody’s life and this allows you to create a good character or a evil one, even though he is a criminal and he steals whatever he can get his hands on. And as a thief your job will be to complete objectives that imply that you steal, and this great open world gives you tons of creativity.



What sucks though is that you have annoying loading screens and you have to wait a lot to swap through neighbourhoods. But all in all the game is great, and if you like stealth games that require using your head and your creativity, this game is suitable for you and I say that you should give it a try, but don’t get disappointed about the story, it’s compensated by the great gameplay.


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