The Nice Guys – Official Trailer

The Nice Guys Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe

The Nice Guys is a movie about 2 hot guys and one dude that seems to be really old nowadays. Nah, I’m just messing around. When I have first seen the trailer for this movie I liked seeing actors like Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling playing the old professional “fixer” and the rookie private investigator that does a big mess wherever he goes. It’s a nice premise on which you can build a decent plot for a movie that it’s worth taking your time. But when I’ve seen that it is actually funny and the director Shane Black, a director that is praised in the trailer for Iron Man 3 (see? told you that this is a funny trailer after all), seems to have done a good job with these two characters that are placed in a 70’s Los Angeles.

And what I like even more is that this 70’s vibe goes really well with this type of cop buddy stories, but you definitely need a great enemy as well, and what other choice than Matt Bomer, who seems to portray the bad guy. I really think that this is going to be a good movie, I don’t know what gets me so excited about it. It may be the fact that it has really good actors, or maybe that the trailer features this groovy song by Mark Ronson – Feel Right, or maybe the fact that this may actually be a fun movie to watch that does not try to be Oscar material, it knows what it is doing and it’s doing it good. But enough talking about the trailer, I will let you watch it and I want to read your opinions in the comment section below.

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