The Angry Birds Movie – Official Theatrical Trailer

The Angry Birds Movie Wallpaper

Yesterday I was talking about the animated movies of 2016 and a new (theatrical) trailer for Angry Birds Movie was released. Rovio Entertainment teamed up with Columbia Pictures to deliver us the animation that we wanted to see since the first Angry Birds game was released. I remember playing it during math classes and I had a “blast”, and they continued making them because they became super popular amongst people of all ages. Making a movie out of this game was inevitable, just like the fact that there are Despicable Me games for mobiles and tablets, it goes the other way too, apparently.



Let’s get back to Angry Birds, what do you think about this upcoming animation? Is it going to be good or nay? Personally, after seeing this second trailer, which was hilarious, I think that movie is going to be the best if you want to compare it with Zootopia or The Secret Life of Pets. Angry Birds has more history and this kind of movie is going to be watched by people of all ages. I know I’m going to watch it in May when it will be released, and the trailer that you’re about to see convinced me to do that:



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