Superhero Movie Trailers Recreated in GTA 5

batman v superman vs deadpool

GTA 5 was one of last year’s best games and that’s because of its complexity, I played it, liked it and moved on with my life. But some guys clearly love this game more than others and they have too much free time on their hands, so they decide to recreate trailers and make mini movies just for the fun of it. Recently I stumbled upon two trailers that were recreated in GTA 5, and these trailers are from the upcoming superhero movies: Deadpool and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and they look as dumb and silly as it sounds, but you got to give credit to these guys for taking the time to actually make these.



Your favourite characters from GTA 5: Franklin, Trevor and Michael are now 3 superheroes with incredible powers, well…. Trevor does not have superpowers, but this time, he is super rich and very smart, I know, everybody imagines Trevor like that, like Batman. My only curiosity is how much time it took these guys to create the trailers because they look very neatly done giving that GTA 5 is pretty hard to manipulate. But enough talking, here are the awesome recreated trailers for Deadpool and Batman v Superman:





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