Star Wars Cast Sings “Stayin’ Alive”

star wars full cast

Yes, you’ve read the title right! Star Wars has its music on point, not only with the awesome Imperial March that I’ve set as a ringtone for whenever my girlfriend is calling, but with all of the cool movie score that is very popular and has been since the 80’s. Jimmy Fallon is one funny-ish dude and I like his show, his guests make it all good, but he has his moments when he manages to slip some really awesome stuff in there. This time he chose to take one movie from all of the great movies of 2015, Star Wars, and make a cover of the classic Bee Gees song, Stayin’ Alive, using lines from all of the first 6 episodes.



How does that sound? Well… Freaking amazing! Not only that this is one classic groovy song that really stands up for itself, but hearing it with the voices of my favourite characters from one of my favourite movies that also stood up for itself brings a really big smile on my face. How ironic is though that these characters sing this song? Stayin’ Alive? For how long? Haha, it would have been even funnier if it would have been sung by the cast of: Game of Thrones. They are really good at staying alive. Without further ado, here is the awesome clip:



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