Skate VS Skate 2


EA’s Skate series is one of the best games that you want to play if you are or want to become a skateboarder and today we are going to look over the main differences between the first two games. If you like skateboarding games and you are tired of the non realistic Tony Hawk’s games then you have come to the right place. This game takes skateboarding to the next level and you will definitely feel like a real skater.

The first Skate game has revolutionised how you play this type of game based on the extreme sport and you can definitely feel like you have to work for your trick instead of pushing two buttons and do a big and crazy combo, and that looked better than ever. But Skate two wanted to go one step forward and added more grabs and footplants, giving you more options when it comes to combining new school with old school tricks or adding vertical tricks so that you can enjoy the vert ramps even more.

Another big change that has happened between the two games is that now you have more customization options and you can play as a girl too, because the first Skate game didn’t give you this opportunity. And another big big change is that now you can get off your skateboard and walk and you can even move different objects in order to create new obstacles and you can skate different spots too even though the action takes place in the same city, San Vanelona.

Multiplayer is definitely the place where you want to go if you want to have fun and EA knows that and in order to create the perfect skateboarding environment it has experimented with the first game and then created the best multiplayer experience for you and your friends. And here Skate 2 shines because you have tons of new options and even the ability to upload your clips and lines directly to YouTube.

Last but not least is the gameplay and the actual career and here I have to say that the original Skate was better and there is no doubt about it! In Skate 2 you play as the same character that was released from prison after serving his sentence but there is nothing special or new to the way that the story evolves and your missions are rather more some achievements that you have to do in order to advance. As I mentioned before, nothing too special.

But all in all I have to say that both of this games are worth playing and there’s not an obvious winner or loser, both of the games are good and each one has it’s own unique thing that make it special and you will enjoy playing them for sure!



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