Samurai Jack is Back!

Samurai Jack Wallpaper

I just had a walk down the memory lane when I saw that my favourite cartoon of my childhood is going to be rebooted or maybe continued. I was browsing the web as usual when I stumbled upon a video that is only 5 seconds long, but those 5 seconds have made my day so much better. And I really needed that after seeing how bad the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was, you can check all about that right here. But let’s get back to Samurai Jack and that awesome video which I’m not going to keep for myself and I will let you check out right now:

How awesome was that? Adult Swim has just became my favourite cable network for doing this for today’s generation that really needs more quality cartoons on the TV. I don’t watch TV at all because everything that’s worth watching or interesting is already on the internet, but now I have a reason to turn on my TV in 2016 and watch my favourite cartoon of all time.

I don’t know about you but I’m very excited and if you miss Samurai Jack as much as I do, I have prepared a clip with one of my favourite episode, it’s the fight between Jack and the Shinobi Shadow Warrior, just have a look at this epic fight between light and darkness:

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