Ryan Reynolds – Hyundai Ad: Ryanville

Ryan Reynolds in Ryanville ad

Ryan Reynolds is the hottest thing right now and all we can say is “whatta man”!!! Not only for his looks or the fact that he is now the coolest superhero out there, Deadpool, but because he is cool enough to do car ad that is freaking awesome! Super Bowl is coming and we all know that is coming along with all of the commercial craze, and it’s putting pressure on all brands because everyone wants to have the most memorable and best commercial. Hyundai is doing the smartest thing and picks Ryan Reynolds as their guy for this year’s Super Bowl commercial.



Ryan is the best choice because he’s trending right now and everybody loves him, including the ladies that usually don’t pay attention when they are driving. How do you think one would react when she (or he) would see multiple Ryans in a village? I know I would want to take a second look at that ass, kidding, but I know that the ladies would want to. Apparently Reynolds had complete control over this commercial because it’s full of “Canadian comedy” which I know that you love. So without further ado here’s the awesome Super Bowl ad, enjoy:



Whatta man, I know. I actually love the fact that there is no Deadpool reference in this ad, it’s all Ryan which shows that he is a big guy and he does not need a fictional character to define himself and his awesomeness. For more cool stuff regarding things you like and you wanna see, make sure that you stay logged on GameSack!

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