Rootin’ For Deadpool – Happy Austraila Day!

Deadpool Australia Day

Happy Australia Day mates! How does it feel wearing shorts and flip flops while the rest of the world is freezing its ass off! Deadpool, your favourite superhero has a special message for all the Aussies and you really got to hear it! Of course that he is mocking you, but just go with it and have a good laugh, or take it personally and feel offended, either way, Deadpool doesn’t care and he will continue doing his thing. Marketing wise this is a smart move as always, and these movie producers know this better than anybody! But you may be asking: “Why is Deadpool mocking Aussies?”. Well….. Wolverine, Hugh Jackman more specific.



Hugh Jackman is Australian, he is also Wolverine, and Wolverine is the one that debuted Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie. And we all know how all of that worked out for our dear superhero, he was looking like a clown and he had his mouth sewed. My God, he was hideous and lame.



And it’s payback time! Hugh Jackman, you are paying for this big mistake because the new awesome Deadpool is mocking your homeland, and there is nothing to do. So watch this hilarious skit that is full of Deadpool dark and twisted humour:



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