New Game Coming From Telltale – Batman

Batman Telltale Wallpaper

Batman is one complex character that always managed to stand out from the superhero world. He has a dark background, something that drives him, a corrupt city to save and many skills from deep general knowledge to detective sense and he is a master in everything that means hand to hand combat. He is one powerful human that is worthy to be called a superhero even though he does not actually have any superpower. And Telltale Games knows how good this character is and they want to make a game about him, so they have united with Warner Brothers and DC to create a new games series based on the story of Batman.

All of this was announced during the Game Awards 2015, and it was good news because you have a lot of things to explore in Bruce Wayne’s world and his dual identity gives you plenty of room to make even more seasons for a game like this. I’m already presuming that this will go even further than one game. It’s fair that they wanted to make a Batman game for 2016, with Batman v Superman movie being just around the corner. If you want to see the epic trailer for this game, check out this trailer that was featured during the Game Awards 2015:

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