Need for Speed Rivals


Need for Speed Rivals is one of the best racing games that can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to racing either as a illegal street racer or as a cop and you can choose on which side you want to be, or you can play on both of them. And this is great, I’ve always wanted a game that combined the racing dynamics of Most Wanted with the style of Hot Pursuit and EA did a great job with that.


The game takes the action to Redview County and this place has everything from hills to forests and from mountains to the great ocean view during the sunset, and all of this scenery is detailed in such a way that you are always remembered that this game makes the most out of your next generation console or your PC. And all of this in order to give you a beautiful arcade race driving experience like you’ve never seen before.

In order to give you such a great gaming experience EA had to take the best out of it’s previous games and combine it all into this masterpiece. You have awesome handling and even the newcomers will get accustomed to it after a few times, intense chases that will give you loads of adrenaline boosts and awesome visuals that will steal your eyes, from the sceneries to the beautiful presentation of the racing fireballs.

The career mode has two storylines where you can play as a racer or as a cop and whatever mode that you choose will give you a little story to place you into the action. If you choose the racer you will play as Zephyr, a skilled and talented professional street racer and if you play as a cop you will be a part of the RCPD (Redview County Police Department). And this presentation is exactly what you want from this game, because a story would alter the way that this game is presented.

Easydrive is back, and this is probably one of the greatest things that EA has created because it keeps you tied to the action and you can jump between multiplayer and single player in no time without having to go through an annoying menu. And I really encourage you to give this awesome game a try today, it promises you tons of action and adrenaline!

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