Need for Speed – Accolades Trailer!

Need for Speed Wallpaper

Need for Speed is this year’s reboot of the series that made a jaw dropping return giving us one of the best gaming experiences that we’ve got since 2005’s Most Wanted, that to this day manages to be my favourite game in the series. But we cannot neglect that this too is a masterpiece that managed to combine everything that we know that Need for Speed represents. And people gave it kudos for it, and it deserves all of our respect, I mean this game is beautiful, fun to drive and the car customization is insane, just watch how good this car looks.

And EA knows that it has done a great job with this game which was developed for 2 years, because we did not get a NFS game in 2014 and I remember last year how I was wondering what they are going to do with the series, are they going to end it? Because they have tried so hard to keep it alive and some games just weren’t made to be. So in order to celebrate this awesome game, we’ve got a trailer right here that shows what others think of Need for Speed, check it out:

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