Need for Speed – E3 Gameplay Trailer


It’s finally here, the new Need for Speed reboot (or Need for Speed 2015/ Underground 3) trailer it’s here, and the game is going to be released later this year on November 3rd and spring 2016 for PC. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, this game is going to kick ass.



The game is a combination of the previous Need for Speed games and it requires you to become an Icon, and you do that by earning reputation points. And you have 5 different styles of gameplay which will bring you those style points, it’s up to you which approach you are going to take.



The game also features a big in depth customization and tuning for your car, you will love this old fashion Need for Speed game combined with the recent games. I will leave you with the gameplay trailer and you will have a clear idea of what this game is capable of.


I will also do a complete review of the game once it’s released and after I play the whole thing, because let me tell you that I can’t wait anymore until it will be released and available. Until then you can get the demo and you can play the game for half an hour.

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