Must Watch: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Wallpaper

It’s a big year for Netflix because they just released another superb TV-Show that keeps the same theme and rhythm as Daredevil, which means that if you take the MARVEL out of the title you get a personal and dark show that really make you feel something rather than saying “oh my god, have you seen how that thing exploded?”. And a new character, female this time, is showing up in the Home of the Daredevil to solve crimes as a Private Investigator, and her name is Jessica Jones.

With a very dark past and the help of Luke Cage she will be fighting against Kilgrave, the main villain of the show that it pretty much the same deal as Daredevil’s Wilson Fisk, a character that made you have mixed feelings and there were times when you wanted to root for him. And if a show manages to make you feel these type of things, then I does its job extremely well. So in case you haven’t seen this show yet, then this trailer will convince you to do so:

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