Mortal Kombat X – Review


One of the most anticipated games of this year was the tenth installment in the Mortal Kombat series, and that is Mortal Kombat X, which is pretty much the best that there can be when you think of this game and all of the history that it has.



With 8 new characters and a new story this game has promised to do a lot that the previous game couldn’t, which is a game that takes all the good graphics and visual effects that this day’s games give you and put them in one of the most brutal and dark game that is not for those that pass out when they see a tiny spot of blood. And trust me, it is very very brutal and violent! But all of this cannot be ignored because the game had to progress somehow and I really understand this approach that the developers had.



And to do that, a violent game, the developers have now introduced a new special attack that features an X-ray like vision which show you pretty much everything from broken bones to hearts being pulled out of your chest or your opponents, and for those who are into this stuff, the game will be revolutionary.



But for me it was pretty gross, and I ain’t weak because I’ve seen worse (Game of Thrones) but seeing all of this so detailed in one of my favourite games when I was a kid is really something that I never believed that it’s going to happen, I thought that this game will stay to the same amount of violence but less explicit.



Overall, if you ignore the brutality of this game, it can be a great experience and it will be even better if you play it with a friend because the A.I. sometimes will be hard to beat and it will get frustrating and the game’s story does not help at all and having the opportunity to go and play online is one of the best things. You can see live matches and you can see the evolution of your friends throughout the tournaments and you can join them.



This game definitely remains one of the best games that you can play with a friend and you will have lots of fun, but the campaign mode and its story will surely disappoint you, I know that because I’ve played all of it hoping that it will get better or that it will have a bit of improvement.

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