Mafia 3 – 12 Minutes Gameplay Review

Mafia 3 Lincoln Clay Wallpaper

For all of you that did not know this by now, Mafia 3 is coming next year and I couldn’t be happier. Mafia is one of my favourite game series and this game will make no exception because I already know that it will not disappoint. And IGN has provided us with a 12 minute gameplay that is narrated by Ryan McCaffrey (from IGN) and Haden Blackman from 2k Games, who will tell us more about the awesome game. I’ve been waiting for this game since 2010, the year when Mafia II was released, because I wanted to see more from the old school gangster world.



Mafia 3 brings us back to this world by giving us a new character that has a new story to explore. We are now going to play as Lincoln Clay, an orphan that joined the army and served in the Vietnam War, and now a veteran in 1968’s New Orleans. One of the old and beloved characters is back, I’m talking about Vito Scaletta, and we will meet new characters too, as Lincoln will seek revenge by catching the local Italian mobs that killed his friends and create his own criminal organization. Check out this trailer that shows how much family means to Lincoln:



The gameplay also revealed more of Lincoln’s skills and aptitudes, like the fact that he can sharp shoot with his right hand as well as with his left one and that he is very capable of killing his targets in any condition. Things like this are specific to those that have been in war and you can see that this game wants to have a realistic approach even though the vehicular combat looks more Hollywood-esqe. Another awesome thing is that now you can have your own approach to the game by deciding how you want to do a mission, the game offers you a lot of choices and this means that you can go into a building guns blazing or you can have more of a stealth approach and make your enemies unaware of your presence.



All of this are shown in this gameplay provided by IGN, which you can check out down below:



For more news on Mafia 3 and an official release date, keep it logged on GameSack!

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