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t’s finally here! After a long wait full of teasers, the most awaited game of the year (for me) it’s finally released and ready to play for all of you that like Mad Max and awesome games in general, because this game is the definition of awesome itself. And today I’m going to tell you why is that and what you can expect from this game.

First of all the game’s story is a standalone but it has been inspired from the movies and you will recognise some things from this year’s movie, Mad Max Fury Road, and the action will take place in a postapocalyptic Wasteland and the story begins the same as in the movie with your car being stolen by some war boys and you are beaten up and left without any clothes or his vehicle and he now has a new enemy and his name is Scabrous Scrotus, who is the son of Immortan Joe which you may recognise from the movie.

Your main mission in this game is to get revenge and find your car and in order to do all of this things you have to build your Magnum Opus, your masterpiece, the perfect ride that is ready for combat and that will get you where you need. And with the help of your faithful friend and companion, Chumbucket, who is also a very skillful mechanic and know everything about cars and vehicular combat and he also believes that you are the one that can save all of them, “the driver”, like the prophecy said.

The game is mostly based on vehicular combat, but you will also be doing a lot of one-on-one combat and Avalanche studios did a spectacular job with that, because the fights are very brutal and you can see that Max is really damaged and he is thirsty for revenge. And the fights during the chases are the best and you will do a lot of them and you will need the perfect vehicle which is fast but at the same time super strong and full of deadly weapons. One of the best “weapons” that you have is Chumbucket and his harpoon and you will see that it will be very helpful during missions and fights.

The game features an immense open world for you to explore and it’s so beautiful, it looks exactly how a postapocalyptic world would look like and you will have to search for gas, because gas is the main currency in the game. Add all of this to an awesome character and an awesome universe and you’ve got yourself what I personally think that is the game of the year! So you absolutely need to give it a try as soon as possible!



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