Kylo Ren Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

Kylo Ren on SNL

The internet is the coolest place to find everything that you always wanted to see and a lot of things that you never wanted to see. And we, as people, like seeing stupid things, and when you are watching TV everything that you see there is stupid and makes you feel dumber, especially with “reality” shows. Today we are going to watch one show, in particular, Undercover Boss, which involves taking the boss of a company, transform his look and then you put him next to his employees. And SNL came up with a great idea, to do the show with a character from Star Wars and it is awesome!



Spoiler Alert! Although you should know this if you are a Star Wars fan, Kylo Ren is the leader commander of the First Order, a faction that is fighting against the Rebel troops and his main goal is to finish what Darth Vader has started, to rule the galaxy. So this is not so much of a spoiler. Adam Driver, the actor that plays Kylo Ren, has put his costume on and joined the show. Kylo is now a radar technician, named Matt, and he wants to see what the guys that work at the StarKiller Base think of him. Watch all of the craziness right here:



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