Inside Out – Riley’s First Date

Riley's First Date

It seems that Riley has accommodated and she has made some friends since she moved to San Francisco and now, because she’s an adolescent, she started dating. What am I about to show you is pretty much the basic scenario that happens when a girl and a boy go on a “date”, what they are thinking and what goes on in her parents mind. Inside Out was my second favourite animated movie of 2015, The Little Prince was my favourite, and that’s because it was a very ingenious way of showing how out twisted brain works. I really liked that and this movie was suited for all ages, not only for kids.



Riley’s First Date is a short movie that shows the same characters from the movie plus one, Jordan, Riley’s boyfriend. A daydreaming teenager that skates and listens to rock music, basically me when I was a teenager. But Jordan is a bit special though, it has something in common with Riley’s dad, he plays in a band and likes AC/DC, which makes him a good boy in her father’s eyes. But her mother is super lame and she tries to get her to talk by saying “cool words” like: fo’ shizzy, homies, what’s the deal yow, OMG, which only makes it worse in her daughter’s eyes. I mean come on. Moms that are trying to be cool are always failing at it. Just watch the funny short film here:



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