In the Heart of the Sea – Chris Hemsworth

in the heart of the sea wallpaper

We all know Chris Hemsworth, he plays Thor in the MARVEL movies and he has an insane physique, which earned him the title of People’s magazine, Sexiest Man Alive, in 2014. So what else can this actor do besides being good looking? Well he can play… And he plays in other movies that do not require him to look as a Greek god, but more like a normal human being. And in his latest movie, In the Heart of the Sea, he had to lose a lot of weight in order to look like a castaway. Just have a look at the picture below which shows how he was looking before and after.

Do you still consider him sexy? Well I’m a guy so I can’t comment on that really, but the ladies can say their opinion. Whatever, let’s change the subject. In the Heart of the Sea is one awesome upcoming movie about a whaling ship whose crew is attacked by a sperm whale and the crew is shipwrecked at sea for 90 days. Curious enough? If not here is the official trailer that will give you a taste of the movie:

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