Horror Games Review – Alien: Isolation


One of the scariest games that I’ve played is Alien: Isolation which, at first, I did not want to play but after a while I said that it’s worth giving a shot, and trust me when I say this, I was worth it. The game is inspired from the 1979 film, Alien, and we go fifteen years ahead into the future and you will be playing as Amanda Ripley on a spaceship, your main goal being to survive against all the attacks that are coming at you.



This stealth survival game is very hard to play and at first, it will be frustrating, you have to complete different objectives in order to advance through the space station and you have to be aware at all times because the alien creature that is following you can be anywhere. And the game’s light and sound effects are done is such manner that you are always feeling that scary vibe.



The alien is always following you and the A.I. it’s very random, you never know where it is, you can track its movements through a monitor but you have to use it wisely because the creature is attracted by the sound that it makes and if it’s close to you, it will catch and kill you, and you will obviously die, but I didn’t tell you the fun part, a lot!!! You will die repeatedly because it’s very hard to outsmart this creature and there are also hostile humans of which you also have to be aware.



You cannot kill the alien, you can only scare it off for a brief period of time and you do not have deadly weapons, but you can use a flamethrower, a shotgun or a revolver to fight against it or the humans but you have to use these weapons wisely because they have limited ammunition. Also, you can run, crouch, sneak and peek so that you can be stealthy at all times and the game encourages you to have this approach in order to advance and you can save the game only at different moments when you find a phone booth.



Besides this great gameplay, what I liked about the game was its presentation that was very well done and you will definitely love it, a great 90’s vibe with old-school computers, steam and fog everywhere and an alien that’s always on your tail. So kill the lights and try this game, but go to the bathroom first. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned! For more scary games, make sure that you stay logged on GameSack!

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