HITMAN Beta – Launch Trailer and News


I know there are a lot of cool stuff out there, super bowl commercials and Deadpool, but right now I really want to focus on HITMAN, because it has been on my radar since last summer and we are finally getting something. Even though the game is set for release March 11, a new Beta game is going to be released sooner than you think (Friday for PS4 and next week for PC). The demo or whatever you want to call it, takes us back 20 years, the begining era of Agent 47 and all of it serves as a prologue to the main story that we are about to get into early spring time. Check out this fresh trailer for HITMAN Beta and after that we’ll talk more.



I’m really intrigued by all of this, I really want to see the beginning of the iconic Assassin, how he joined ICA and in what context he met his handler, Diana Burnwood. The Beta serves as an introduction and accommodation to the new mechanics in the upcoming game. You can get your hands on the Beta by pre-ordering the game digitally on PS4 via PSN or PC via Steam. If you are ordering the game on PS4, don’t be surprised, the actual size of the Beta is 4.7 GB.  I don’t know about you but I’m definitely getting this on PC.



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