Hispanic Star Wars

hispanic star wars

Star Wars hype is real, everybody knows by now about Star Wars, and that’s because about a month ago Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released and all the fans lost their minds, and Disney stood in the back counting all the money that this franchise brought. And by now everyone knows that you can make money by doing something Star Wars related, from YouTubers to entertainers and even the small time (7 second) ones, the Viners. And one of my favourite Viners, Rudy Mancuso, just boarded the hype train.



He has made a parody that shows how Star Wars could have been if it was directed by Hispanic guys, he is always poking fun at his nationality and all their customs. This time for the first episode of “Estar Guars” we meet Obi-Juan Kenobi and Master Yoda, master who teaches Juan how to use El-Force, by making him think about happy things as: football, tequila and Sofia Vergara. But, out of the sudden, Senior Vader comes to ruin their lesson and Juan needs to get angry and kill that son of a bitch! Watch all the madness right here:



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