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Here is yet another insanely awesome mod for all of you GTA 5 game lovers. I tried this mod last weekend and it’s super fun! I don’t understand how this mods are made to look so close to the real thing. The Flash is one of my favourite DC superheroes, it definitely was my favourite back when I was a kid and I was watching Justice League on Cartoon Network, but if you ask me now, I can’t decide which one I like the most. Whatever, let’s get back to this mod.



My name is Michael De Santa and I’m the fastest criminal alive… This is what you are going to say after you try this mod which is a combination between two mod files. The first mod is for The Flash’s suit and it was made by IIZACHARIAHII and you can get it here, but it can only be worn by Michael. The second mod is the SlowMoMod by CaptainProton42 and this mod is basically the one that does all the fun. With this mod you will run at supersonic speed and you can also run on water or on buildings and it was the same power like the one Franklin has when he’s driving which allows you to slow time down to control the way that you drive, or the way that you run in this case, you can get this mod here. You also get the sick buzzing sound that The Flash does when his running and you also have sparks on his ankles. For an in depth look at this mod, check out IGN’s video:



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