GTA 5 – Iron Man Mod

Iron Man GTA 5

Game mods are fun, especially when you are a fan of a game and you want to experience more stuff and get creative. There are a lot of users that put their skills to good means and create awesome game mods for games like Fallout 4 or GTA 5 and today we are going to check out the Iron Man mod for GTA on PC. If you are a fan of Tony Stark’s masterpiece and you want to take it for a ride throughout Los Santos, then this mod is for you! It looks fantastic and playing as Iron Man feels exactly like it should.



This mod is made by Azer_922 and it will give you an awesome looking skin for Mark XLII (42) armour and it comes with the complete pack! Jet repulsors that allow you to fly anywhere and you have the complete arsenal of weapons that the Iron Man suit has: lock on missiles, hand repulsor beams, machine guns and the powerful, arc reactor fueled, chest repulsor beam. And to make it, even more, awesome, Tony’s personal companion and AI creation, Jarvis, is included. How cool is that? If you want to get your hands on this mod, you can download it HERE. And to see how all of this looks like, check out IGN’s video on this mod:



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