Fallout 4 – Honest Trailer

Fallout 4 Honest Trailer

Lately I have really been into Honest Trailers, I mean it a satiric trailer that just states some facts which movies, games and tv shows are not willing to admit. And people want honesty, and if not, I know I want it. So, in order to see what’s the real deal with one of the most hyped games of the year, Fallout 4, which is actually in my list of favourite games of this year, we are going to watch an honest trailer that is made by the guys at Smosh. They always have a unique sense of humour which I’m really digging and ever since they are doing these type of videos, they are nailing them!

But you may be asking: “why do we need an honest trailer for Fallout 4? The game’s official trailer is pretty badass itself and makes the game look as well”. And that’s exactly why, because the game looks badass, but sometimes it does not feel like it. Bethesda really knows how to make good games and I’m always up to sacrifice graphics over gameplay and story, always! Good graphics never make a game good, never! You play a game because you want to go and explore another world, or live another story, or become someone else and that’s why Fallout 4 is winning bonus points and these games will always be the best, but glitches and all sorts of bugs can be annoying, especially when you did not save the game . So if you want to see what is actually happening while you are playing one of the best games of this year, check out this awesome honest trailer right here:

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