Fallout 4 – Zeta Invaders Easter Egg

Fallout 4 Zeta Invaders Easter Egg

Fallout really knows how to bring back memories from the glorious 70-80’s, the ages that did not have GTA V or games as awesome as the one that we are talking about. Bethesda went through history and brought back to life one game in particular that was very popular amongst kids those days and thought that it would make one great easter egg if they included it in Fallout 4, and just like that “Zeta Invaders”  came to life. Of course that I’m talking about the famous Space Invaders, the classic arcade game that was first released in 1978 and since then on various platforms. I played my first Space Invaders game on GameBoy and I remember that it was pretty addictive.

You can play Zeta Invaders on your Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV and it can be found on a desk, inside the Valentine Detective Agency located in Diamond City Market. And you can have lots of fun playing this game, especially if you played the original. It’s the small things that matter and Bethesda knows this better than anyone. If you want to play Zeta Invaders, here is a YouTube clip that shows you exactly where to find it:



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