Dying Light – Enhanced Edition

The Following Wallpaper

Dying Light is heaven for a zombie slaying enthusiast and there is nothing to debate on this one. The game has a good story, great parkour and an awesome crafting system which allows you to create badass guns to kill zombies with. I played the whole thing and after I was done I wanted to play more, and now me and the other Dying Light fans are getting an Enhanced Edition that comes with all the DLCs, including the Following, and other great stuff like improved graphics, more parkour and so much more.


I don’t know about you but I’m very excited for this enhanced edition which will show to everybody that this game really has some potential and it’s not another silly upgrade. And the new DLC, the Following, is going to kick ass: new story, a bigger map, cars and more zombies to slay in ingenious ways. And if you haven’t played Dying Light, now it’s a good time to start playing it, Christmas is a great time to kill zombies and do parkour. You can check out the Enhanced Edition Reveal Trailer right here:



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