Bachelor Baiting “Deadpool” Is Your Perfect Date Movie On Valentine’s Day

Draw Me Like One Of Your Deadpool

Remember last year’s Valentine? Uggggh, one of the worst movies ever was premiered, 50 Shades of Gay, I mean Grey. Well, in order to prevent stuff like this from happening again this year, a new hero is born! His name is: Deadpool!!!! Your favourite anti hero is finally in a movie and he wants you (and your girlfriend) to come on Valentine’s Day to watch this masterpiece of a movie! Everybody loves Deadpool and your girlfriend, or your crush, will love you for taking her to this movie. Ryan Reynolds is really in love with Deadpool too!! I wonder why…



Why, you ask? Well the answer is pretty simple and Deadpool tells you that himself, because you are probably thinking: “My boyfriend said this is a superhero movie. Well, surprise! This is actually, lucky you, a love story!”. Awwww, so cute! That’s exactly what she is going to say when she sees that he is actually right. In case you did not know by now, Deadpool was a simple guy whose name is Wade Wilson, and he had multiple cancer. He is offered a cure in exchange for becoming a superhero (sound too good to be true, right?), or a super slave… And to be sure that he will do what he is supposed to, Wade’s girl is taken from him. And this is how you go from a love story to this badass movie that has the best and the sexiest superhero that you could possibly ask for.



If you want to see all of this with your own eyes, there is a TV spot (with 2% real roses and a sexy Deadpool) that will prove what I just said earlier. Let’s watch it together down below:



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