Deadpool – Poppin’ the Question

Deadpool Poppin' the QUESTION

Seriously? Deadpool again? Yes! Because he is the coolest superhero out there and his movie is going to make history. The marketing for this movie is insane, but leaving that aside this film alone can attract a whole bunch of people that are interested to see good comedy and a hero that breaks the 4th wall, making him more relatable to us. He basically lives in the same world with us, and even though he is a fictional character, he is annoyed by the same shit as us and he has the same needs as us, he needs love, food, beers and a wife???!



Apparently Wade Wilson wants to get married because he found a girl that is as crazy as him and they seem to be the perfect pair. And it’s funny Vanessa Carlysle is played by Morena Baccarin, and she played the “crazy eyes” girl in How I Met Your Mother, just a little thing that I noticed. But for real now, they really seem to be in  love with one another and I told you before that this movie is not a superhero movie, is a love story. How cute! Check out this ad that shows Wade proposing to Vanessa:



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