Deadpool – Official Trailer #2

Deadpool Christmas Wallpaper

Hey Yo! No gifts under the Christmas tree this year? Well I’ve got some good news from you! You are still getting nothing, except for one spectacular trailer from your favourite superhero: Deadpool! The mercenary with a mouth that always manages to bring a smile on my face. He’s done it again on Christmas day when 20th Century Fox released 2 trailers for the upcoming movie. A green band trailer for all of us that wanted to have a peaceful Christmas and a red band trailer that has explicit language and images for big boys, that kind of trailer that you need to ask your mommy first. And what a trailer it is, I laughed my ass off seeing how funny Deadpool is and how well this trailer was marketed to make this movie the best superhero comedy movie of 2016 and maybe an all timer. But it has some serious competition since we’ve seen another good superhero comedy movie this year, Ant-Man.



So, are you ready for 3 minutes of pure awesomeness? Deadpool is ready to give you just that and he will also get you hyped for his movie. Ryan Reynolds is going to wash away all of his sins with this movie, I’m 100% sure about it! Check out the green band trailer here:



Want to see even more footage? Maybe some curse words and big boy language in the old fashion Deadpool too? Well here is the red band trailer that will definitely make you laugh even more:



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