Deadpool – Now with ~5% New Footage!

Deadpool Wallpaper

Deadpool is now the hottest thing that it’s coming to theatres and it’s marketed in such a manner that it wins no matter what it does. 20th Century Fox is releasing more and more trailers/teasers to show us how awesome this superhero is. And if you don’t know by now, Deadpool is a superhero that breaks the 4th wall and makes everybody laugh because he has a dark and twisted sense of humour, which you’ll see in this next trailer trailer that I’m about to show you.



With approximately 5 percent more footage, this trailer shows the same stuff that you’ve seen before like the fight on the bridge, how Deadpool’s girl is taken and some other fight scenes, but what’s cool about this is the free kick that he takes on a guy’s head, good luck he was wearing a helmet otherwise… he would be dead for sure. You can check all the craziness right here:



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