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I’m really curious how many of you have ever played a game where the character is aware that he is in a video game and wants to take control of the action, is there anybody? Because I know the perfect game which is as awesome as it’s character, and that game is: Deadpool. You’ve heard of him, right? He’s like the most badass superhero, antihero, whatever you want to call, merch with a mouth with a disturbed personality and health regeneration powers, the same as Wolverine’s.



The plot of the game is simple, Deadpool takes the script from High Moon Studios, gives it a couple of fixes and creates what he think it is the most awesome game ever where you will do whatever your character wants you to do. You start your first mission, which is to assassinate a corrupt media mogul, and after that you find out that you blew all your budget for the game. Sounds so stupid but it’s so fun when you play it, and you have to play it to see how insane this character actually is.



You will be playing from third person shooter perspective and you will be doing a lot of combat fighting with guns and swords and they all can be upgraded and replaced with better ones by spending DP points (experience points). Combat is awesome and you can perform a lot of cool moves and you can also teleport. All of the missions are complex and differ from one another and you never know what’s coming because he is always changing the direction of the story.



Besides that you have tons and tons of hilarious cutscenes where Deadpool does his thing and makes you laugh your pants off. He also gives you the opportunity to do things that you wouldn’t do in a normal video game such as eating pizza with a mask, slapping Wolverine and do a slow motion entrance through a door whenever you want just because it looks cool. This character is insane and you will even hear the 2 voices that are in his head arguing about stuff.


What more would you want from a videogame with a cool character like this? High Moon studios really nailed it with this game and personally I think that this game is one of a kind and the best for what it’s purposed for, I mean just check out the awesome trailer that I’ve shown you before (in case you haven’t yet) and you’ll know that you are set for a great adventure.

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