Deadpool – Carols for the Whole Family!

12 days of deadpool wallpaper

Deadpool is a superhero like no other and he always manages to do something that puts a little smile on everyone’s face. This time he did it again in his “12 Days of Deadpool” campaign in which every day he had a little gift for all if the Deadpool lovers, and we will catch up on that too. Today, on Christmas Eve, it’s the best time to sit back and relax and listen to carols while watching the fireplace.



Of course that Deadpool knows you better that anyone and he gave you just that! A one hour video of carols while you can watch the ‘Pool Log burning and listen to lovely tunes that carry the flavour of Christmas. Isn’t he a sweet guy? And he has a lot of new surprises for us, tomorrow he is releasing a new trailer! That’s right, a whole new red band trailer and also a green band too, for all the little kids! So be grateful for that! So make a hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and hit play on this video:



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