DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – New Trailer!

Legends of Tomorrow Wallpaper

Everybody loves the Avengers and it’s all cool and fun when you see a team of superheroes fight together and poke fun at each other and DC saw that superhero fans like seeing this and they thought: “Hey, why don’t we take this idea and make a show out of it?”. And we start from what we’ve already got, Arrow and The Flash, and we add some bad guys too and we enlarge DC’s universe and we confuse people even more, because it will not be related with our new cinematic universe that we are working on with Batman V Superman.

And this is how DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came to life, a new TV Show that will have some of your favourite DC superheroes and some villains (Captain Cold and Heat Wave), but they from now on they will be neither heroes nor villains, they will be legends that will fight together for the greater good. How does all of this sound so far? I personally don’t know what to say, but the trailer seems pretty epic so far, have a look:

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