Dawn of the Justice League – Part I

Batman in Dawn of the Justice League

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, it’s a good year to be alive! DC is finally bringing all of the legendary heroes on the big screen and we are going to get our dose of superhero action movies very soon. The first movie to open this big and vast universe is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and we will get a first look at Batman played by Ben Affleck, Superman being played by the same awesome actor as before, Henry Cavill.



In the first episode of this promo for the upcoming movie we are told that DC is preparing to release a Justice League movie and until then we are going to get a look at each of the superheroes that this team consists of. Let’s see how Dawn of the Justice League looks like:



If you want to see the rest of the parts, make sure that you stay logged on GameSack!

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