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I’m going to skip any introductions and dive straight into the subject because I have some exciting news for all the Daredevil show lovers, news that involve The Punisher, the new character which is coming to Season 2 on Netflix and he is portrayed by Jon Bernthal. What can I say, an awesome choice for one badass character that plays a big role in Daredevil and Marvel’s Universe. And the first trailer which was more like a teaser because all that was revealed was the character walking down a hallway and saying with a husky voice: “beg”, which actually sounds like something that The Punisher would say.

So there is a new trailer for the show that I can’t get my hands on because it was featured at the Comic Con Experience in Brazil, but there is one kind Tumblr user, Cherryvane, that summarized the whole thing for us and it I cannot be more thankful. So he began by saying that the teaser began with Matt dressed in his Daredevil suit, the one that he wore in the final episode from season one, and he was in some sort of a refrigerating room where meat and human bodies were hanging from the ceiling.

Using one of his super abilities, the enhanced hearing, Matt was able to find one guy that was still alive and he took him down from where he was hanging and asked him: “Why did they do this to you?”, and the dude said: “They? It was just one guy”…. Any guesses? After that we get another setting, on a rooftop, with a guy behind a gun aiming at someone in a taxi, it was Frank Castle aka The Punisher. And just when he was perfecting his aim, Daredevil comes kicking his gun and they engage in a fight. When the fight was getting intense the scene was cut by the DAREDEVIL logo and “2016 – NETFLIX”. For the full story, check out Chrerryvane’s article here. And in case you haven’t seen the trailer for Daredevil Season 2, check it out down here:

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