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CS: GO economy guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS: GO) is for sure one of the most played games at the current time and most of us, the noobs, need some guidance when we want to start playing this game, especially when you are in a competitive match and your teammates are a bunch of 12-year-olds. Today I’m going to talk to you about some key things when it comes to the economy of the game and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to early rounds buying. And at the end of this post, there will be a video that explains widely everything that you need to know on this matter.



So you’ve seen the CS: GO economy spreadsheet, good! What you need to do next is to learn it or to memorise some things that you see there, because it will be very useful when you are struggling with money and you need to know what to do to get more or what to do to keep the money that you already have. There are a couple of key things that you need to consider when playing and I’ll list them below:
– Counter Strike is a team based game, which means that your money is your team’s money. So always make sure that you don’t waste your money and you help your teammates whenever you can
– First rounds or gun rounds are great for saving, on T side you can get a gun or a smoke and 2 flashes, depending on your strategy, on CT side you should not buy another pistol because the stock ones are great, just learn how to use them. And also a good thing can be to save money and don’t buy armour, because if you lose, your armour will be more precious on the second round
– The first team to win 2 rounds in a row wins the early game, so make sure that you win that precious gun round
– If you win the first round, but you lose the second, you definitely should force buy because the game’s economy gives you an advantage if you lose 2 round in a row. Saving the 3 round will force you to save the 4th(if you lose) and you can only do a full buy in the 5th round which is crazy. So make sure that you force buy on the 3rd round if you won the first round.

With time, you will get used to how you should play and you’ll see that when you play with a strategy, it’s going to be much easier to win. For a more in-depth look at early rounds buying, here is a video from YouTube user WarOwl.



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