CS: GO – AWP Tutorial


The AWP, the most feared weapon in CS: GO and for good reasons! This weapon takes time to master and there are a few players out there that can use it properly. The AWP is a situational weapon and some players will tend to drop it if they have to engage in a fight which asks for a closer range weapon that has a better fire rate, but if the round ends and you’re still alive and you see an AWP, don’t be shy and get it! One of your teammates may need it and they will buy you a weapon in exchange, it’s common courtesy when it comes to CS: GO, because the AWP is the second most expensive weapon that’s used in competitive matches and you need to know your basics when it comes to the economy of the game, you can learn more on this by checking out this article.

Mastering the AWP takes time and to become a great AWPer you’ll need to know a couple of key things. This sniper rifle is very deadly and it’s a one shot kill to the: head, chest, arms and body (except for the legs), and this is an extremely accurate weapon when you are standing still, which means that you always need to get the shot right because you can’t properly shoot with it while running. You also need a fast reaction time, because if you don’t manage to kill the opponent with the first shot, then chances are you are going to get killed if you don’t manage to get some cover. If you want to know more on how to AWP and how to play better with this weapon, then you really need to watch WarOwl’s video on how to AWP:



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