E-Sport of the Year – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Review

counter strike: go wallpaper

If you did not know by now, playing games, for some people, is actually considered a sport and it’s obvious that there are more and more competitions where the most competitive gamers go against each other in order to see who is the best. And this year’s electronic sport game award was given to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or GO for short, and there is no surprise to that because I like to play it a lot when I get some free time on my hands and I always have a good time when I play with some friends. And this game, although it does not inspire friendship, it manages to give you a good time when you meet up with your friends and play a couple of matches. It’s very competitive and team play is a must when you are playing matches against each other.



The game is highly inspired by the classic Counter Strike: 1.6 which was a mod for the Half Life game, and Global Offensive only wants to be an improvement for the classic game by giving it better graphics and sharper gameplay. New game modes have been added to the original game, modes such as Deathmatch or Arms Race. But if you want to play the originals, Classic Casual and Competitive modes are available. There are lots of things that make this FPS so good, but if you prefer a game that has a story line or a plot, this game may not be suitable for you. Check out this cool cinematic trailer that Valve has done for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and make sure that you at least give this game a try. Preferable on a PC because it is best to be played with a mouse and a keyboard rather than a controler.


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