Captain America: Civil War – Teams Revealed


All of the movies enthusiasts, especially those who like superheroes, know that next year’s ” Captain America: Civil War movie will be released and even though the trailer was released and we saw some things there too, the teams were officially revealed and I’m here to make things clear. But be aware that not all of the superheroes are here, you will see some in the movie that are not on this list.


Team Captain America:

Well here some choices are pretty obvious, we have the Falcon which is a good friend of Steve and we also have the Winter Soldier. Then there is the Sharon Carter (Agent 13) and Hawkeye (also look who’s there on his shoulder) surprize surprize, one of my new favourite superheroes, Ant-Man.



Team Iron Man:

Here some choices are obvious too, like the Vision or War Machine, both being creations of Tony Stark, but I was surprised to see Black Widow and Hawkeye on separate teams, I thought that they were close friends…. who knows what’s the story behind that. And also we can see a new addition to the Marvel cinematic universe and that’s the Black Panther who also seems to be on Tony’s team.


I really wonder where Spider-Man is going to be in this movie and how big of a role is he going to play, but for that we have to wait for another trailer or for the movie. For more news on Captain America: Civil War, stay tuned on GameSack!


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