Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – TV Spot 1

batman v superman wallpaper

2016 is officially the superhero movies year and spring is looking good because the first epic battle of the year is going to feature two iconic and beloved heroes: Batman and Superman and we’ve already seen some footage that shows this guys going at it, but it was very disappointing. Batman v Superman hits theatres 25th March and we’ve already got two official trailers and an awesome teaser and now it’s time for TV Spots.



The first TV Spot shows how much these guys hate each other, like really bad. But it does not look neither epic nor intense. Batman comes with his badass car and he tries to hit the Man of Steel and he should have thought better because he got rekt and had probably one of the lamest car accident in the history. But what am I talking about here? Word are insufficient when you want to talk about a TV Spot that is way too lame for Batman v Superman movie which was supposed to be an epic adventure. Just take a look and try not to cry:


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