AC Syndicate Jack The Ripper DLC – Now Available

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Jack The Ripper Wallpaper

A new awesome DLC is now available for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and this time our assassins are confronting the popular serial killer Jack The Ripper in what seems to be the most exciting DLC of the year. The story begins with Jacob Frye looking for Jack, because he wants to put an end to all of his crimes, but this time you get to play as Jack and you will be following a frightened Jacob that seems to know who Jack The Ripper is. Then the well known killer attacks the assassin, going for a kill and the game officially begins without knowing if Jacob is dead or not.



The action takes place 20 years after the events in the original game, in 1888, and Evie Frye comes back from a mission in India because a Scotland Yard officer contacted her and he informs her that her brother is missing and they presume that he is dead by now and there is a killer in London that frightens everybody. And this is where you, the player, come to unravel the mystery. Throughout the game you will be playing as Jack The Ripper too and he has some sweet killing techniques too, some that you won’t see Evie do.



My advice for you is to get the game now, is the perfect game for your christmas break and it would have been even more awesome if we got this game on Halloween, it has a story that goes well with the celebration. And check it out on Steam, the Christmas sales have begun! If you want to see how great this game is, check out this amazing 360° trailer that you can’t see at any other game today:



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