A Gamer’s Slang – How To Speak Like A Gamer


If you play games but you are not passionate about it or you do not have so much time on your hands to play every game that’s coming out, then you may have heard some words like: mod, DLC, etc. And today I will try to explain what  some words mean and how you can use them properly when you are talking to a gamer or in general.


  • Downloadable Content (DLC)


A DLC is a pack that the developer has released in order to give a certain game more content. For instance the zombie pack in The Call of Duty or small pack with weapons or upgrades to specific things from a game. You can also call it an upgrade for the game or an added story. Keep in mind that a DLC will not affect a game’s specifications.


  • Modifications (Mod)


A game’s mod is more like something that you add to the game to change things a little bit, like you can add different cars into GTA and there are some gamers that make money out of selling mods that they made themself for some games.


  • Cheats


This one is pretty obvious, you type in a keyword or a phrase and you will get things for free in your game like infinite money or infinite health, you get the idea.


  • Glitches


A glitch is when a game has a malfunction or it does not work properly, you will sometimes see your character walking on air or straight into a wall repeatedly, the developers fix more repetitive glitches by sending patches.


  • Easter Eggs


An easter egg in a game or in a movie/ TV show is a hidden message or a joke that you will get only by knowing something about the backstory of the game or it links to other games or movies created by the same developers.


And finally we have “noob”. Noob is more of an insult that you do not want to tell to a more competitive and experience gamer, by telling him that he is a noob you actually call him a beginner or a newby. And no gamer likes to be called that, you can joke around but nothing serious.





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